The story of coffee begins

with the people behind it.


A people-focused coffee company
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Something’s Not Quite Right in the World of Coffee…

While some coffee farmers in the developing world are succeeding, most are barely getting by.


Year after year, despite hopes for higher prices and better returns on their hard work, many are still struggling to put food on the table.


Things are not changing quickly enough.

Let’s do something about it.

 A better income for hard-working coffee farmers while bringing you better coffee. It’s that simple.


The Spanish word Levanta means wake up — but also rise up.


By waking up each morning with a cup of Levanta Coffee, you’re giving small-scale coffee producers the chance to lift themselves up economically.


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The Power of the Story

At Levanta, we believe that sharing farmers’ stories is crucial to sparking change in the coffee industry.


You’ll learn about their hardship and struggles — but also their successes and perseverance.


Follow their stories as you drink our coffee. But don’t just drink it — come experience it.

  • Discover the story of coffee for yourself.


    Meet the people producing your cup, from start to finish.


    Coming Soon: Coffee Origin Adventures

    Peru  |  Honduras

Our Own Story

Years of experience living in coffee-producing countries

Robert Durrette

Robert’s passion for providing economic opportunities in Latin America goes back more than 10 years. When two employees at his lodge in Honduras shared their past struggles to survive producing only coffee, Robert knew it was time to act. He is an expert in tourism and in ethical business practices.

Matt Hohler

Matt went to Honduras in 2012 to teach English and left with a love for coffee—but also with an understanding of the challenges many coffee farmers face. After running his own health and wellness business and recently completing a Master’s in Public Health, Matt is eager to apply his knowledge to spark positive change within coffee-producing communities.

It’s time to rise, together.





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